Intelligent 24V PowerPath Switch

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Power path controller for 24V lead-acid batteries.
Connect your 24V power source (Primary), 24V battery charger (Secondary), 2 X 12V series battery bank and you load.
PowerPath24 will prioritise 24V power source to provide (Primary) provide power to load by default. If your 24V power source fails (Example: Power failure),  PowerPath controller will switch to battery backup. PowerPath24 will disconnect batteries and shut down load in event of under voltage detected on battery bank. Active battery balancing. Load on/off can be remotely controlled.


  • PSU 24v Input
  • Charger 24V input
  • Battery Bank Connector 3 PIN (B+, B-, Center)
  • Load


  • PSU Input: 24V +- 5% up to 360 Watts
  • Charger Input: 24-27.6V up to 360 Watts
  • Battery Bank: 2 X 12V series (24V), Lead Acid type Batteries
  • Battery under voltage lockout: 21.2V
  • Battery balancing current: 1A
  • PSU Input trip voltage: 22.6 V
  • PSU recover voltage 23.6V
  • Switching time: Primary > Secondary: 50 millisecond
  • Primary Recovery restore time: 5 Seconds
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, LoRa, ethernet
  • MQTT Publish

Available Measurements:

  • PSU Input voltage and current
  • Battery voltage and current bidirectional
  • Battery balancing status.
  • Batterybank center voltage
  • Output voltage and current