Regulator 48V-57.6V DC to 3.3-12V adj. 400mA UVLO


DC Regulator up to 72 V DC In @400mA UVLO

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48V to 57.6V DC input step down regulator

Ideal to power your control circuitry from a 48V Lead acid battery bank.
Will power down and go into low power mode once battery bank is depleted.

  • 400mA Output current
  • Non Isolated
  • Efficiency up to 85%
  • Adjustable output voltage 3.3 to 12V
  • Under voltage lockout at 45.2V
  • Under voltage recovery voltage 47.2V
  • 50µA shutdown quiscient current

Additional information

Output Voltage

3.3V, 5V, 12V